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Touchy turns smartphones into controllers for browser-based games

Mobile and web games developer Nitrome released Touchy today, an app that allows players to use iOS and Android devices to control its browser-based games, according to a press release from the company.

Touchy uses technology developed by Brass Monkey to control games running in browsers across multiple platforms. Nitrome released 10 games for Touchy on its website and is offering Super Snotput, a game that tasks players with throwing an object by swinging a smartphone, as free-to-play launch title. The other games, which are designed to showcase a variety of control schemes including drawing, waggling and tilt controls, are available as a purchase within the free Touchy app.

Nitrome's launch games are also available on Brass Monkey's platform, which is available at the company's website. You can check out the app in motion in the video above or download it on iOS. The Android version is in development and "shouldn’t be far away," according to a FAQ on Nitrome's Touchy website.

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