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The War Z beta starts Oct. 31, pre-orders net even earlier access

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The War Z, Hammerpoint Interactive's open-world, multiplayer zombie survival sim, will enter its open beta testing phase October 31st, the company announced today.

To gain access to the game's beta test, players will have to purchase the Survivor package, which is available for pre-order now through the game's official site for $19.50. The purchase will also give buyers access to the full game when it launches, but interested parties should act quickly, as the price of the Survivor bundle jumps to $29.99 on October 21st.

Prospective players who want to get into the game even earlier can purchase a $29.99 Pioneer pack, which grants them access to the game starting on October 15th, when The War Z's closed alpha test will accept new players. The bundle also includes $15 of in-game currency, a special forum badge, and one month of free server hosting. Like the other package, the price for the Pioneer pack increases to $49.99 on October 21st.

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