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Mass Effect 3 free multiplayer content pack Retaliation coming October 9th

Mass Effect 3 is getting a new free expansion for its multiplayer mode on October 9th, "Retaliation," developer BioWare announced today.

"Retaliation," shown in action in the trailer posted below, will be the largest update to-date for Mass Effect 3. It will be available on all platforms, with Europe receiving the PlayStation 3 version of the update a day later on the 10th.

The pack includes another enemy faction to square off against, the Collectors, as well as additions to the Geth and Cerberus' ranks. Two new unlockable class kits have been added, the Turian Havoc Soldier and Ghost Infiltrator, as well as new versions of existing maps tweaked to contain more traps and hazards like whiteouts and swarms. Players also have access to new weapons and equipment upgrades from the Collectors' arsenal.

"Retaliation" also adds the new "Challenges" database, which tracks multiplayer achievements and in-game statistics. Players can unlock in-game titles and banners by earning challenge points from completing certain small goals.

Mass Effect 3 players can download the pack through PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and Origin.

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