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SimCity walkthrough video builds a budding city of sin

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Maxis' upcoming reboot of SimCity will let you build whatever kind of city you want, including one designed around gambling, like the one being constructed by the studio in new gameplay footage released today.

SimCity lead designer Stone Librande builds a city from scratch over the course of a few in-game days in the nine-minute video below. Once he decides to make it a casino town, he uses that goal to explain all of his design decisions. One is to dump the small town's sewage in a remote area, and "just hope that [his] Sims don't notice."

The modest casino necessitates the construction of a train station (and the concurrent extension of a nearby rail line to it) to bring in loads of tourists. Librande also points out the different views that he can switch between — the overlays that illustrate the availability of resources such as electricity and water. It's a basic guide to building a small city, but every bustling metropolis has to start somewhere.

SimCity is set for release in March 2013 on PC and Mac, with multiplayer gameplay across both platforms. Check out our E3 preview of the game's multiplayer component, as well as an article on the new GlassBox engine that powers the game, and then register for the PC beta.

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