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Mario Kart 7 hardware bundle and Pikachu-yellow 3DS XL coming to Europe later this year

A yellow, Pikachu-themed 3DS XL model and a Mario Kart 7 3DS bundle are coming to Europe later this year, Nintendo Europe announced today during a Nintendo Direct video presentation.

The Mario Kart 7 bundle will include an all-white 3DS XL, pre-loaded with the Mushroom Kingdom racing title on the SD card. It's scheduled to hit stores on November 16th, but no price for the bundle was announced during the presentation.

The bright yellow Pikachu edition of the super-sized handheld was made available in Japan earlier this year at select retailers. There are no indications that the handheld will receive the same retailer-specific release in Europe, though details about the release, including price and release date, are currently non-existent.

We've reached out to Nintendo of America to find out if we can expect the Mario Kart bundle or Poke-centric handheld any time soon.

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