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Maine Democratic candidate criticized for actions in World of Warcraft


Colleen Lachowicz, a Democratic candidate for State Senate in Maine, has come under fire from the Maine Republican Party for spending large amounts of time playing World of Warcraft, reports the Sentinel newspaper on its website.

In an article posted on the Republican Party website Maine GOP, Lachowicz is criticized for "living a time-consuming double life" in the WoW community, where her character is a maxed-out level 85 Orc Assassin Rogue. The site says that "Lachowicz lives vicariously through" her avatar, along with listing select comments Lachowicz has made on online forums.

"These are some very bizarre and offensive comments, and they certainly raise questions about Lachowicz's maturity and her ability to make serious decisions for the people of Senate District 25," Republican Party spokesman David Sorensen told Maine GOP.

The Maine Republican Party has started the website, where the public can monitor Lachowicz's online activity and read select comments taken from her online profile at DailyKos, a liberal weblog providing analysis of current political events in the United States.

Some of Lachowicz' comments are violent and vulgar, often disparaging towards Republican candidates including current Maine Governor Paul LePage.

"What's really weird is that the Republicans are going after my hobbies instead of talking about their record while they've been running Augusta for the last two years," wrote Lachowicz in a statement released by the Maine Senate Democrats earlier today. "Instead of talking about what they're doing for Maine people, they're making fun of me for playing video games."

"Just attack the comments; don't bring WoW into it," Independent Party Senate candidate Andrew Ian Dodge said, referring to the Republican Party's aggressive comments regarding playing World of Warcraft. "They're assuming that nobody in the GOP is a World of Warcraft player or an MMORPG player."

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