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Pushmo sequel Crashmo coming to Nintendo eShop this fall

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Nintendo will release a sequel to Nintendo 3DS puzzle-platformer Pushmo — known as Pullblox in Europe, and Hikuosu in Japan — through its Nintendo eShop later this year, the company announced during a Nintendo Direct broadcast today.

The sequel will be titled Crashmo in North America and Fallbox in Europe and feature a variation on the push and pull puzzle gameplay of the original. The "crash" in Crashmo relates to the way puzzle pieces react to having their supporting pieces pulled out from under them by Mallo, the game's portly puzzle solver, who must reach the top of each puzzle.

According to an update from Nintendo, new gravity mechanics and gadgets including floating blocks, doors, and switches will mix up the sequel's puzzle-solving. Nintendo promises 140 levels and 90 training levels.

Like Pushmo, Crashmo will feature a built-in puzzle editor and allow players to share their creations online. Crashmo will come to the North American Nintendo eShop on November 22nd. The game will release as Fallblox in Europe sometime in November.

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