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Financial Football game deployed in Rwandan schools to teach financial literacy

financial literacy through soccer

Financial Football, a free game designed to teach children financial literacy, launched in schools across Rwanda recently with the help of Visa.

The soccer simulation game tasks players with answering financial questions like, "It is usually more expensive to draw money at an ATM than inside the bank?" and "Which would provide the most secure banking password?" Correct answers connect passes leading up to goals.

The distribution in public schools is part of an effort on the government's behalf to teach personal financial management.

"The idea is that students should understand that managing money doesn't start when you are adult — it's starts when you are a young person and the real message is to get information about financial literacy, what is to have an account, have a loan, how to use an ATM card and the message is really to say that you can learn while having a fun," Pichette Kampeta Sayinzoga, Rwanda's permanent secretary at the ministry of finance and economic planning, told Rwanda Focus.

You can check out Rwanda's version of Financial Football here. Frantic Football, a U.S. version that substitutes American football, is available here.

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