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Old School RPG reveals game's universe, theme, and setting

The Kickstarter campaign launched by video game developer Brenda Brathwaite, Tom Hall, and Brathwaite's studio, Loot Drop, has revealed new details about the game they plan on making – Old School RPG – including information about the game's theme, universe, and setting.

Posting in an update on Kickstarter, the team behind the game revealed that Old School RPG is set far into the future on the planets Antera and Tenerus, with a character's work log dated August 6th, 2526.

Two characters were revealed in today's update: James Connelly who works for Shaker, a "Bridge corporation" between time and worlds, and Darien Cole, a young operative at Shaker who has been sent on an urgent post-job on the planet Tenerus.

The setting descriptions posted on Kickstarter describe some of the circumstances as to why the characters find themselves where they are and paint a picture of a futuristic world where interplanetary movement is the norm and disparities of development between planets is extreme.

Old School RPG has raised $160,379 of its $1 million funding goal at the time of writing with 30 days to go. Read more about the game's setting on its Kickstarter page.

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