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Project Fiona hits its goal, gaming tablet may now become a reality

Project Fiona, Razer's prototype tablet framed by two permanently-mounted beefy control sticks, is one step closer to becoming a reality.

On Wednesday, Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director Min-Liang Tan created a Facebook post asking fans of the company to like the post to show their support for the "world's first tablet designed for PC gamers."

If the post received 10,000 likes in a week the company would "work on making the concept a reality." The post hit that goal in a day.

While it might be easy to dismiss this as a marketing stunt, or empty promise, this is the same way that Razer tested the waters for a left-handed Naga mouse. After that Facebook post hit it's goal in record time, the company went on to make the controller. Tan recently told Polygon that the company sells those mice at a loss.

We've reached out to Razer to see if they have any more specifics on the next step for Project Fiona. The Facebook post for the device is hovering at more than 11,600 likes as of this morning.

Check out The Verge's hands-on impressions of the tablet here.

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