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Hyrule: Total War mod maps The Legend of Zelda over Medieval 2: Total War

Modder The_Undying_Nephalim has created a program that overlays Medieval 2: Total War with elements of The Legend of Zelda series, an endeavor called Hyrule: Total War.

The mod converts characters and armies into some of the more recognizable figures and races from the Zelda universe, including the Zora, the Twili under the command of Twilight Princess heroine Midna, and the classic Ocarina of Time Kokiri. Players can turn all of Hyrule into their battleground as they pit these armies against each other in a struggle for complete domination.

"The Hero of Time has chosen to return to the past, a choice that ultimately has ruined the charts of history and sent Hyrule into chaos," reads the mod's description. "Major wars that were already decided have unmade themselves, allowing fallen armies a second chance at these critical events in Hyrule's history."

The mod's current version can be downloaded from Mod DB. Check out the video posted above for a look at the program in action.

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