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Forging your first legendary weapon in Guild Wars 2

Legendary Weapons, items that grant your character special animations, projectiles and more, are starting to pop up in Guild Wars 2.

In this latest video from ArenaNet, Guild Wars 2 lead designer Isaiah Cartwright walks us through some of the finer points of procuring the ingredients for these hard-to-find in-game weapons.

Legendary Weapons are crafted by finding an extremely rare weapon, bringing it to a special djinn in the game's Lion's Arch area and then amassing gifts for the creature, as well as a selection of crafting items and high-level trophies. What you collect and complete defines the Legendary Weapon you end up with.

The exact process and ingredients needed aren't actually spelled out in this video or the accompanying blog post, instead Cartwright suggests you keep an eye on the forums for what other players are doing or hunt around in the game's many modes for hints.

Once a player lands their own Legendary Weapon it grants them a unique set of footprints, projectiles and "much more."

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