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Joe Danger 2 gets October 9th PlayStation 3 release

Get Danger next week

Joe Danger 2: The Movie, the bike-based platformer starring its titular stuntman, is riding onto the PlayStation 3 October 9th, developer Hello Games' managing director, Sean Murray, announced on the PlayStation Blog.

The PlayStation 3 version comes with 10 hours of exclusive content. Murray said that the hardcore levels were born when the four-man development was creating the original Joe Danger.

"The sad thing is, no one ever got to play this prototype game we now refer to as 'Joe Danger Gaiden,'" he wrote. "It was an alternate Joe Danger for a true fan, and I still play it every now and then. When we came to make the PS3 version ofJoe Danger 2, I thought it would be a great opportunity to let our original fans play this unseen version."

The Joe Danger Gaiden levels come to the game through a system exclusive to the PS3 version that allows in-app purchasing. The PlayStation 3 version wil also include replays, YouTube integration, and level editing.

Joe Danger 2 landed on Xbox Live Arcade September 14th. It will be available next Thursday on PlayStation Network for $14.99. Joe Danger Touch, a touch-based reimagining of the franchise for iOS, is expected this fall.

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