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'Hitman: Absolution' Purist difficulty is user interface-free

Hitman: Absolution will play host to five different difficulty settings when it launches November 20th, ranging from Easy, which provides a plethora of helpful tips for the budding assassin, to Purist, which provides zero help and no user interface, Videogamer reports.

As difficulty moves from Easy to Expert, Agent 47's new tools of the trade will become more limited — namely, his new "Instinct" ability. This feature provides helpful information for the Agent during his mission, and lets him chart the path of patrolling enemies, but the resource used to activate Instinct becomes more limited in increased difficulties; as do the mission's user-generated checkpoints.

On the highest, Purist difficulty, the player can expect no help from Instinct abilities; nor can they expect any information from the user interface. The only thing present on the Purist's screen — other than a bald, angry murderer — is a single crosshair.

Check out the gameplay video below to see Agent 47's Instinct in action.

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