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Warning: 'Super Hexagon' update deletes high scores, creator working on emergency fix

An update pushed yesterday to the frantic iOS action game Super Hexagon erases the save file and high scores of the device it's loaded onto, creator Terry Cavanagh warned potential downloaders today.

"Due to a bug, this update will delete your saved progress," the game's description now reads on iTunes. "I'm very sorry - I'm working on an urgent fix for the problem; if you're worried about losing your scores, please hold off on updating!"

Cavanagh took to Twitter last night to describe some of the troubles he's run into getting an emergency fix for the broken update onto the App Store. Though those efforts were fruitless, in a tweet this morning, Cavanagh seemed hopeful that the fix would be live soon.

"Hold off on that update after all," Cavanagh wrote. "It appears I've found a workaround that might work ... Testing it out now."

Update: Cavanagh announced on Twitter that he's found a workaround for the broken update, and is submitting it to Apple now. He's hoping the fix will be eligible for an expedited review from Apple. We'll let you know when it's available to grab.

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