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Former Atlus CEO steps up at Xseed Games

from atlus to xseed

Former Atlus of North America CEO Shinichi Suzuki is now CEO and president at Xseed, the company announced recently.

This past August Suzuki left Atlus. where he oversaw the launch of Trauma Center and Persona titles, Demon's Souls, and Catherine. Prior to working with the publisher he served as international division general manager at Takara Co., a Japanese toy company and Atlus shareholder.

"I have always respected Xseed Games, so this was an opportunity I could not pass up," Suzuki said in a press release.

Additionally, Atlus founder Ken Berry has been promoted to vice president. Berry, who previous worked at Square Enix North America before moving on to Atlus, established the company's localization department. He served as localization producer for role-playing games Brave Story: New Traveler and Valhalla Knights, as well as edited the full script for Shadow Hearts: From the New World.

"Suzuki-san brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience that will no doubt benefit Xseed Games and our fans," said Berry. "I am looking forward to working with him to further build upon the legacy that we built eight years ago when we formed the company as we position ourselves for an even more exciting future."

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