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One Epic Knight update adds iPhone 5 support, new controls, more

one epic update

One Epic Knight, Simutronics' free-running 3D platformer, recently received a major update that added new controls, iPhone 5 support, and other content to the game.

Upon the announcement of the iPhone 5 last month, Simutronics chief executive David Whatley told Polygon that he expected his company would have "no issues" in reworking One Epic Knight to fill the device's larger, higher-resolution 4-inch screen.

The v1.2 update also brings in some tweaks to make the gesture controls more responsive:

  • Faster Lane Changes
  • Swipe up while in the air to extend a jump a little bit
  • Swipe down while in the air to return to the ground faster
  • Swipe left or right to change lanes mid-air

In addition, Simutronics threw in a few lighting improvements, two extra potions, three new achievements and the ability to equip two trinkets at once. The free-to-play title originally launched in August and is available on the iTunes App Store.

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