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ET: The Green Planet brings free-to-play gardening to iOS tomorrow

ET: The Green Planet will answer one of cinema's most important questions — what happens to ET after the conclusion of its self-titled film? — when it launches tomorrow on the iOS App Store.

The answer may surprise you: After returning home to its homeworld, ET spruced the place up a bit with some offworld gardening. That's the main hook of the free-to-play, Chillingo-developed title, which tasks players with building a garden of alien flora by nurturing and reviving them (as is ET's specialty), or cross-breeding them to create entirely new species. Players will also be able to "collect recognizable artifacts from the film and construct a communicator to contact Earth," which detracts slightly from the sense of finality in the film's bittersweet ending.

Regardless, ET: The Green Planet will launch tomorrow for free on the iOS App Store, coinciding with the release of the 30th anniversary special edition of the film, which also launches tomorrow.

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