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Pokemon Black and Blue is PETA's latest video game parody

Pokemon is the latest video game franchise to come under fire from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, receiving a browser-based parody game titled Pokemon Black and Blue, which draws parallels between Game Freak's fictional creatures and mistreated, real-world animals.

The game sees Pikachu touring the Unova region while gathering a team of abused Pokemon, and battling with actual human trainers in the franchise's classic battles. Each trainer represents one of the causes that PETA protests against; for example, Professor Juniper has been reimagined as a scientist who performs experiments and consumer product tests on her Pokemon.

"The amount of time that Pokémon spend stuffed in pokéballs is akin to how elephants are chained up in train carts, waiting to be let out to "perform" in circuses," the game's website reads. "But the difference between real life and this fictional world full of organized animal fighting is that Pokémon games paint rosy pictures of things that are actually horrible."

Nintendo's titles have come under fire from PETA twice in the past, culminating in other parodical titles New Super Chick Sisters and Super Tanooki Skin 2D. We've reached out to the publisher for a comment on Pokemon Black and Blue.

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