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DmC Devil May Cry gets retailer-specific pre-order bonuses in North America

pre-order may cry

Pre-order bonuses for DmC Devil May Cry will be retailer specific in North America and include weapon upgrades for protagonist Dante, Capcom announced today.

Pre-ordering from GameStop will net buyers the "Samurai Pack," which turns Dante's Shotgun, Scythe and Axe into samurai weapons. The pack also includes free points for upgrading weapons and combos or purchasing in-game items.

Best Buy pre-orders also offer a switch-up on Dante's weapons with the "Golden Pack," including skins that make Dante's weapons gold as well as access to an Item Finder for hunting down hidden goods.

Pre-ordering through Amazon earns the "Bone Pack," granting Dante bone-made weapons. The pack also includes the Orb Harvester, an item that grants the ability to upgrade Dante's weapons and combo perks more quickly.

DmC Devil May Cry is coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on January 15th.

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