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Fake Bad Piggies app installs adware, infects 80,000 Google Chrome browsers

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Very bad piggies

Over 80,000 Google Chrome users are now affected by fake versions of Rovio's Bad Piggies, accessed from the Chrome web store, which installs a plug-in that displays advertisements online on several popular websites, according to a recent report from security company Barracuda Networks.

"Seven of these plugins are from the same source, a maker of 'free' flash games. A quick glance at the Whois records for tells us... nothing," reads the report. "They hide their name behind Whoisguard, a very suspcious thing for a business to do. What's more, installing these 7 plugins request a significant permissions: 'access your data on all websites'."

According to Barracuda, those who give the app permission to "access your data on all websites" are at risk of having personal information stolen, such as emails and credit card information.

The report suggests users who downloaded the app uninstall it immediately and change all passwords.

Bad Piggies received a 7 out of 10 on the iOS platform from Polygon, calling it a "promising start."

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