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Simon Pegg comment brings 'Shaun of the Dead' mod back to life, new video hits

A 2009 mod project to bring the whimsy of Shaun of the Dead to Valve's Left 4 Dead series shambled back to life thanks to a recent tweet from one of the movie's writers and co-star.

"This would be absolutely awesome!" Simon Pegg tweeted last week. "The rights belong to Universal but we will do what we can."

Hours later the Left 4 Winchester website, created by the team working on the Shaun of the Dead mod back in 2009, sprung back to life after a long dormancy.

"Oh man ... where to begin?" project lead Steven Weathers wrote on the site. "First, let's ‘deal' with the elephant in the room. This project is 3-4 years old and was left to stagnate due to legal concerns."

Weathers said that the team decided to drop the project because they wanted to avoid any confrontation with Universal.

But the group decided to plunge back into the project shortly after Pegg Tweeted his blessing, something the team has been talking about doing for years.

Now the team is busy bringing new people on and sorting through exactly what they want to do with the project: Turn it into a genuine Shaun of the Dead experience in Left 4 Dead or a genuine Left 4 Dead experience in Shaun of the Dead.

Among the new hires are a mapper, prop modeler, artist and texture artists and level designer.

"The first goal is to create a series of maps that follows the path of Shaun's crew through the zombie apocalypse with events based closely to the movie," Weathers wrote on the site. "This will be the Left4Dead experience in the Shaun of the Dead universe. After the campaigns completion, it may be taken further to provide unique movie events and perhaps even a separately scripted campaign which follows the movie as closely as possible. Let's be honest though, that's a lot of custom content, and we're currently five people."

Check back later this week to ready our interview with the team and what's next for the project.

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