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Far Cry 3 trailer introduces native tribe leaders and their quest for freedom

Far Cry 3's story includes a cast of unsettling characters, and a new trailer features two of them: Dennis and Citra of the Rakyat tribe.

The video opens on a shot of Dennis holding a machete to the protagonist's throat with a threatening demeanor. According to the game's developers, he will serve as your spiritual guide as you grow into a fierce warrior. Both Dennis and the tribe's enigmatic leader, Citra, want that to happen — the Rakyat need your help to tip the scales in the years-long conflict between the natives and the island's warlords. Citra happens to be the sister of Vaas Montenegro, the pirate who is Far Cry 3's main antagonist.

Far Cry 3 launches on Dec. 4 on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Check out our most recent preview here.

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