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How 'Halo 4's' Forge mode lets players 'create beautiful maps almost by accident'

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Forge mode has been given an overhaul for Halo 4, according to a video detailing the tweaked features posted on GameSpot.

In the video above, lead multiplayer map designer Kynan Pearson and Certain Affinity's Lori Zawada walk viewers through the updated version of Forge mode, where players can "create beautiful maps almost by accident." Objects in Forge can now be duplicated, allowing for rapid re-use of pieces without having to re-enter the menu. Items have "magnets" on certain points, allowing players to join pieces together more quickly.

New "gravity volumes" allow players to alter the physical properties of created objects, including vehicles. Players can also implement reverse and low-gravity properties in certain areas. Items can also now be deleted, both individually and as a group, making it easier to wipe a map clean and start from scratch.

Check out more information on the updated Forge mode for the game above. Halo 4 is coming to Xbox 360 on November 6th.

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