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Square Enix iOS pricing based on gameplay time and content, says representative

ios and square enix

Square Enix gave some insight into the reason behind it's higher-end pricing of its iOS titles, saying the company's games are priced with gameplay hours and content in mind in a recent interview with Kotaku.

"The mobile marketplace is maturing and frequently changing," said a representative for Square Enix. "As the devices increase in capability, the quality of gaming experiences we provide increases as well. Each game is priced individually and evaluated based on the type of game, depth and overall experience it provides for players. Some of our higher priced titles offer more than 60+ hours of game time with rich storylines, high quality graphics and challenging, diverse combat."

As for why games like Final Fantasy Dimensions and Demon's Score charge more for episodic content, the company said that wanted to provide purchase flexibility in case players did not want to play the whole game.

"Final Fantasy Dimensions feels and looks like a nostalgic 2D title that offers dozens of hours of gameplay," the representative said. "If players did not want to invest the time and energy into completing the game, they were able to make that decision at no cost. However, if they wanted to experience the full game, they could either purchase the chapters individually as they progressed or as a bulk download at a reduced cost."

The company is "aware that the market in North America is accustomed to the lower priced or free to play games," releasing role-playing title Guardian Cross as free-to-play in June to positive reception. Square plans to work on matching future mobile titles with a pricing model consistent with market standards. Square also said it will price future titles on a game-by-game basis.

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