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Stephen Strasburg backs competitive gaming

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Major League Baseball player for the Washington Nationals, Stephen Strasburg believes that games like Call of Duty could become full-fledged spectator sports, according to an interview with USA Today.

The 24 year old righthander is a fan of online gaming and tells USA Today that he takes his PlayStation 3 with him on Nationals' road trips to compete against his team mates. When asked if he saw a future where video games like Call of Duty are seen as competitive sports in the same way that traditional sports are viewed, Strasburg said: "It definitely seems like there's a demand for it," adding that millions already watch amateur Call of Duty videos on YouTube.

The world of competitive gaming already attracts millions of viewers, and tournaments for games like StarCraft 2 and League of Legends have prize pools spiralling into the millions. Tournament organizers like Major League Gaming are one of the biggest players in the field of e-sports.

USA Today's interview with Stephen Strasburg can be viewed here.

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