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Kickstarter now open to projects in the United Kingdom

God save the Queen

Kickstarter is now open to projects in the United Kingdom, it was announced on the crowdfunding website's blog.

Until now, project creators using the crowdfunding platform were required to set up an account in the U.S.

Backing U.K. projects will work slightly differently to the system currently used to support Kickstarter's U.S. projects, and will require users to enter payment information directly on Kickstarter instead of through the Amazon Payments system.

Additionally, there will be no U.K. specific Kickstarter website. Projects based in the U.K. will be listed alongside U.S. projects; However, backers interested in searching for projects specific to the United Kingdom can use the website's location section.

Since first announcing the platform would be open to project creators in the United Kingdom over 1,500 U.K residents have begun developing one, while "several dozen" U.K. projects launched today, reads the Kickstarter post.

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