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Modder rebuilding 90s' Descent with Unreal Engine 3

A modder is recreating 1990s vertigo-inducing first-person space mining shooter Descent using the modern Unreal Engine 3.

The goal of the Descent to UDK conversion project is to recreate the original six-degrees-of-freedom game with modern tech. The initial idea is to include the basic weapon system, laser and ball fire projectiles, basic robot AI used to drive Class 1 and 2 drones and spawn points all wrapped in that mind-boggling free movement system.

Ultimately, modder Max wants to provide the full game in the Unreal Engine 3, which means a retelling of the original story, remaking all of the original levels (though with an emphasis on a thriller/horror atmosphere), remodeled and animated original robots with advanced AI, all the weapons from Descent with potential new ones mixed in, high-detail Pyro-GX ship model with 3D cockpit view and "more diverse gameplay, but with a strong focus on the basics that made Descent great."

Max hasn't started a Kickstarter for the project, at least not yet, but he is asking for help with the modeling and graphics.

"There is no reason this could not become a Descent community project, especially with many talented modellers and mappers out there," he writes on the site. "Documentation will progress with the game and I will try to make it easy for anyone who's curious to get an insight into its workings."

If you're interesting in checking it out in more detail, or in lending a hand, visit the official site.

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