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Ace of Spades aims to be a Minecraft FPS

Ace of Spades, a first-person shooter that combines the pixelated art and world-altering creativity of Minecraft with class-based shooting gameplay, was announced today by Cambridge, UK-based studio Jagex for a release on Steam planned for December.

Jagex, the developer behind the browser-based free-to-play MMO RuneScape and the upcoming MMO Transformers Universe, has been running a private prototype of Ace of Spades since April 2011 with over 550,000 monthly active users. As you can see in the first screenshots above, the game immediately evokes Minecraft in its visuals, but it will also feature the creative freedom offered by Mojang's smash hit — players will be able to change the battlefield during a match of up to 32 players by building upon the game world.

Players can build "anything from simple bunkers to elaborate fortresses and tunnel networks," according to Jagex, and with the ability to construct fortifications and defenses on the fly, they'll constantly have to adapt their tactics and the game world in order to win.

Ace of Spades' combat consists of a class-based FPS experience, but Jagex did not provide any further details in its announcement.

Jagex said Ace of Spades will be available on Steam for "a small one off [sic] fee" in December, and the studio plans to provide more updates on the game's official website.

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