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The King of Arcades video game documentary finds success on Kickstarter

Horror film director Sean Tiederman's documentary on the history of video games, The King of Arcades, has found success on Kickstarter, raising more than its $40,000 initial funding goal with 16 days left in the campaign.

Tiederman, who has worked on low-budget slasher films like Hell's Half Acre and produced behind-the-scenes docs for films including slasher title Bereavement, aims to cover the industry's growth, from the "The Father of Video Games" Ralph Baer's invention of the home console to the Art of Video Games exhibit sponsored by the Smithsonian Museum.

The documentary has been filming since June of last year at the headquarters of Richie Knucklez Arcade, a company specialized in dealing with arcade cabinets, in Flemington, New Jersey. Production is planned to wrap up late this year.

The production team has interviewed well-known professional players, record holders and game industry personnel "to document the impact of gaming past, present, and future." The Kickstarter page notes they have obtained rare footage of important moments in gaming history as well.

"We are hoping to raise funds to cover the costs of additional interviews with industry icons, crew salaries, production expenses, hard drives, purchase of licensed footage, travel expenses, customized graphics, and all of the general costs associated with a project of this scope," reads the page.

Head on over to The King of Arcades Kickstarter page to watch the film's trailer and donate to help fund the project

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