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Air Patriots out now for mobile devices from Amazon Game Studios

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Air Patriots, the first mobile game from Amazon Game Studios, is available today for iOS and Android, Amazon announced today.

Air Patriots is compatible with Amazon GameCircle on Kindle Fire for achievement and leaderboard tracking, as well as cloud saving through synchronization program Whispersync.

Air Patriots is free-to-play and combines strategy with top-down tower defense mechanics. Players arrange airplanes in battle against an army of tanks. Drawing a path with your finger creates a path for planes to follow, adjusting flight patterns as enemy waves arrive.

The game is available for purchase on Amazon's App Store, Google Play, and the iTunes App Store.

Amazon released Living Classics for Facebook back in August, the first title from Amazon Game Studios, the company's new game development branch former earlier this year. Living Classics is a moving object game that immerses players in social games based on classics literature including The Wizard of Oz and King Arthur.

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