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Free, 'shareware' version of Payback 2 now available on App Store

multiplayer fun for all

Payback 2, Apex Designs' sequel to its Grand Theft Auto-like iOS title, is now available in a free version alongside the full game, the studio announced today.

Apex Designs released Payback 2 for free in order to "enhance the online experience by bringing the game to a much wider audience," creator James Daniels told Polygon. The game's expanded multiplayer component supports matches between owners of the free and paid versions.

In an email to Polygon, Daniels characterized the free game as a demo-like offering that "roughly follows the shareware model," with players able to enjoy the first few events and up to 30 minutes of multiplayer action before they have to pay. "We've tried not to make it too annoying," he said, "rather than endlessly milking the player." People playing the free game can pay to permanently unlock components.

The full version of Payback 2 launched on Oct. 4 as a $6.99 Universal app.

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