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Portal 2 in Motion coming Nov. 6, full game to support PS Move

Portal 2's In Motion downloadable content, an add-on pack featuring new controls utilizing the PlayStation Move peripheral, is coming Nov. 6, Sixense Studios announced today on the PlayStation Blog.

The DLC will cost $9.99 through the PlayStation Network, and will be 30 percent off for PlayStation Plus members. In Motion introduces new motion mechanics like rotating and changing the dimensions of objects to solve puzzles, as well as "portal surfing."

Portal 2's single-player and cooperative campaigns will also be PlayStation Move compatible thanks to a patch which will launch alongside the DLC. In addition, Portal 2 will be added to the PlayStation Store on Nov. 6, and will be similarly discounted by 30 percent for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Original game campaigns will be fully playable with Move, but only In Motion will include the new scaling and rotating mechanics developed by Sixense.

Check out the trailer below to watch Sixense's new mechanics in action.

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