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Skylanders: Lost Islands available now for iOS

Skylanders: Lost Islands, Activision's free-to-play build-‘em-up game based on the Skylanders series, is now available as a free app in the iTunes App Store.

In Lost Islands, players build and customize villages in the world of Mabu. The iPhone, iPod touch and iPad app fully support Skylanders action figures; players can unlock up to 35 new characters through physical figurine codes. Depleted resources can be quickly regained through in-game micro-transactions.

Skylanders: Lost Islands is the latest series installment to drop, following the release of Skylanders: Giants in October. Another iOS title, an action role-playing game called Skylanders: Battlegrounds is expected to release soon as well. The series is known for creating physical toys that can then be ported into gameplay; Polygon recently visited the Skylanders workshop for a better look at the creative process.