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Connecting Dust 514 and Eve Online is ‘absolutely the vision’ for CCP Games

Dust 514, an upcoming free-to-play console shooter, is already set within the same universe as massively multiplayer online game Eve Online, but CCP Games plans to connect the two in a more real way.

In a recent interview with Joystiq, CCP Chief Marketing Officer David Reid spoke about how the two games will link up via their currency and economy. When completed, players will be able to share ISK, in-game currency, between both titles freely. But due to the game's unique economy, changes must be introduced gradually, said Reid.

"It's really important that, when we do join the games, we do allow ISK to flow between Eve and Dust that we don't accidentally institute some hyper-inflation in one game or the other," said Reid. "We have to make sure we tune those dials carefully before the currency starts swimming between both games."

The team's ultimate goal is to link the two titles in very virtual way: putting two avatars from different games in the same room. It's a feature with no current time frame, but according to Reid, it's "absolutely the vision."

"Your Dust marine can walk into a station and meet an Eve avatar, and rather than negotiate a contract over text chat, you could do it ‘virtually in person,'" Reid said.

Dust 514 will be available for PlayStation 3. A release date has not yet been announced, although the game is currently in closed beta.

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