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Star Citizen fundraising continues to climb, more stretch goals revealed

Star Citizen continues to plow through its fundraising levels, and as it approaches the $3.5 million mark, new stretch goals have been posted on the official website.

Star Citizen is space sim game being Kickstarted by designer Chris Roberts, best known for creating the Wing Commander series. After tipping $3.5 million, players will unlock cockpit decorations to stock their ships with bobble heads, hula girls, photos and more. For every additional $100,000 raised between current funds and the $4 million mark, another star system will be added to the game. According to the post, the game is "already well on [its] way to system #41."

Funding through both Kickstarter and Robert's company Cloud Imperium launched on Oct. 18; the initial goal of $500,000 was reached within six days. Both campaigns will come to an end on Monday, Nov. 19.

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