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Minecraft developers looking to give power to the people through mod tools

Official mod tools coming to Minecraft

Mojang, the studio behind the highly successful Minecraft, is planning to release official mod tools so that players can tinker with the game and create their own persistent servers, the studio told PC Gamer.

While mods for Minecraft do exist, such as the mod that adds Pokémon and another that adds Portal guns, the lack of consistency between them has made it difficult for some to install and play while others have been unstable.

Minecraft's original creator Markus "Notch" Persson tells PC Gamer that by building an official mod API, Mojang will be able to endorse well-tested mods and offer them through a central repository.

"Hopefully they will be easier to install and less prone to destroy your game," he says.

Nathan Adams from Mojangs says that this will be no small task as it requires the studio to change Minecraft's basic infrastructure. He says in order to build an official mod API the studio has to rewrite the client side of the game from scratch – this means it might be a few months before an early version of the API can be seen.

The full interview with Mojang can be read here.