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Curiosity developers now accepting donations to help with continued improvements

Support Molyneux

The Peter Molyneux-headed 22Cans studio is now accepting donations to help with continued improvements in the development of its first iOS experiment Curiosity, according to the game's official website.

Following the appearance of numerous server issues and bugs since the game's launch, the studio has set up a PayPal account to help keep up with increasing costs.

"We are a small independent developer and due to popular demand we now offer the option for kind people to donate, so that we can make Curiosity the best possible experience it can be," reads the statement. "However big or small the donation; it will really help us make Curiosity better."

Last week Molyneux confirmed the number of users playing Curiosity was close to 1 million, pushing servers to their limit. "We are currently all surviving on less than three hours sleep a night," he said.

Curiosity was released on iOS and Android last Tuesday. The game's servers were overwhelmed almost immediately following its launch, resulting in connectivity issues and preventing some players from participating. The game has also been suffering a bug in which in-game coins randomly disappear without chance of recovery. There are no immediate plans for a PC release.

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