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Company of Heroes 2 Steam pre-orders now include Team Fortress 2 items

Enough Company of Heroes 2 players have pre-ordered the game on Steam to unlock Company of Heroes 2-themed Team Fortress 2 items, according to the game's Steam page.

The items comprise the first tier of pre-purchase rewards on Steam. Here are the descriptions, courtesy of Steam:

  • German Cap and Badge: This German Officer's Cap and Badge tells the world you're the ruthless commander of a juggernaut army and not to be trifled with!
  • Soviet Cap and Badge: This Soviet Commander's Cap and Badge lets everyone know you've led thousands of troops through some of the bloodiest battles on the Eastern Front of WW2, in style!

The next level will provide pre-order customers with a free, giftable copy of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2 - Retribution, the second expansion to another well-regarded real-time strategy game by Relic Entertainment. If enough players pre-order Company of Heroes 2 to reach the third and final level, they'll receive an in-game bonus on top of the previously listed items: the Commissar Chest, which includes a bunch of in-game currency, an XP boost, a unit boost and the Commander archetype.

Company of Heroes 2 is set for release in March 2013 on PC. Check out our extensive preview here.

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