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Polygon wants to socialize with you

like beautiful social butterflies

Hello friends, it's your old buddy Justin McElroy. Did you know that the Polygon experience extends beyond this humble web address? It's true! As we emerged from our cocoon last month, we spread our wings and found we had been transformed into beautiful, proud social butterflies.

But in this hyper-connected transmedia society it can be easy to lose your way. To that end, we've prepared this helpful guide to our different social offerings.

Want to find us elsewhere? Here's the scoop:



This is a brand new option that we just created. We are basically 75 percent certain of how Google+ works at this point, so come and imprison us in your circles, or what have you.



We have three Twitter options for your following and retweeting pleasure. First is our main hub, @Polygon, which is great for a curated sampling of the best our site has to offer and for asking general questions. If you have a bug or other technical feedback, you'll want to reach out to @PolygonSupport. Lastly, if you just want to open up and drink from the firehose, follow @PolygonAll and get notified whenever a new story goes live.



Here you'll get the same curated sampling of links as Twitter, but we've also got giveaways on our Facebook hub. You like free stuff, right? We thought as much.



Tumblr is almost sort of a mini-Polygon with samples from some of our biggest stories and, yes, even the occasional animated GIF. We work on the internet, what do you want from us? If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us with cats dressed like people, do we not laugh?



OK, so maybe it's not strictly a social network, but subscribing to Polygon on YouTube is a great way of guaranteeing you never miss any of our clips.

Is that ... are we forgetting anything? Well, of course we've got some really precious dreamcatchers made from wire coat hangers on Etsy, but we'll spare you. Rather than supporting us by buying our papier-mâché TARDIS earrings, we'd love it if you could tell us a bit about how you use the above services. What do you want to see from us there? Also, are there any we're missing you'd like to see us on?

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