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The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles gunning for Windows 8 store 'very soon'

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The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles, Twisted Pixel Games' Western-themed full motion video adventure, is coming soon to the Windows Store for $1.49, the developer announced today in a press release.

The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles was originally released on Xbox 360 as DLC for Twisted Pixel's Kinect-controlled Gunstringer. In the game, players track down time machine thief and all-around bad dude Wavy Tube Man Jr. in the Old West. The Windows 8 version forgoes Kinect for mouse and touch controls on PCs and Windows RT tablets. Twisted Pixel has also added a chapter select feature, allowing players to skip to their favorite scenes.

According to the Twisted Pixel's website, there is "No release date yet, but we can tell you it will be very soon."