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PlayStation Plus coming to PlayStation Vita on Nov. 19

The PlayStation Plus service will be available on PlayStation Vita on Nov. 19, Sony announced today.

PS Plus membership will grant access to the Instant Game Collection on both PS3 and Vita in North America after the PlayStation Store updates on Nov. 20. Membership need only be purchased once for compatibility on both systems. The service will also provide up to 2GB of online storage, 1GB each on the Vita and PS3.

On day one, Vita owners will have access to six titles new to the handheld's Instant Game Collection library: Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Jet Set Radio, WipEout 2048, Gravity Rush, Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack! and Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions. The Instant Game Collection already includes 15 titles for PS3.

PS3 and Vita owners can purchase a 3-month membership for $17.99 or a one-year membership for $49.99. Current PS Plus members will gain access to the service on their Vita with the update.

The 2.0 Vita System update will also allow email access on the handheld, the ability to perform wireless transfers between Vita and PC, and enhanced performance of the web browser as well as the ability to assign controller buttons for select PSOne Classics.