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Sleeping Dogs Dragon Master add-on bundles five DLC packs in one

A bundle of five Sleeping Dogs downloadable content packs, the "Dragon Master Pack" is now available across all platforms, publisher Square Enix announced today on the game's official website.

"Dragon Master" costs 640 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360 and $7.99 on PS3 and Steam. All five packs included in the bundle are available separately at 240 Microsoft Points/$2.99 each, and include different sets of stat-boosting costumes and items as well as a handful of new missions:

  • "Triad Enforcer Pack," including two new Triad missions, the Triad Enforcer vehicle, and an additional outfit and weapons including a solid-gold meat cleaver
  • "Police Protection Pack," including a SWAT outfit, cruiser and assault rifle for use in the "High Speed" police mission
  • "Martial Arts Pack," including the "Shaolin Showdown" mission and special decorations for Wei's safehouse, as well as a Shaolin warrior outfit
  • "GSP Pack," a collection of clothing inspired by mixed martial arts champion Georges "Rush" St-Pierre and the ability to use the famous athlete's signature "flying punch" move
  • "Deep Undercover Pack," including a detective outfit, the Undercover Police Ghost Car, and a radio for Wei's safehouse

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