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Planets Under Attack brings space warfare to PSN today, XBLA tomorrow

Planets Under Attack, a space strategy game by Russian studio Targem Games, launches on PlayStation Network today for $14.99 and on Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow for 1200 Microsoft Points.

Three playable races are available: profit-focused Humans, with a cash flow that must be managed; environmentally conscious Robots, which are dedicated to honoring their race's history; and the parasitic Swarm, which is only concerned with expanding its numbers and galactic footprint. "We decided to create a world that would be like a cross-section of sci-fi," said creative director Alexey Chestnykh.

Planets Under Attack offers a campaign as well as four-player multiplayer modes, along with global leaderboards and stereoscopic 3D support, all presented with a cutesy aesthetic. The story concerns the galactic race for "the new El Dorado," with a cast of colorful characters from all the aforementioned races. Players will build up their own planet and then attempt to defend it as they expand across the universe.

Publisher TopWare Interactive previously launched Planets Under Attack on PC and Mac through Steam for $14.99 in September.

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