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Nintendo further explains Nintendo Network, Miiverse and Wii U web browser in new video

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Nintendo of America offers its own take on the most recent Nintendo Direct hosted by president Satoru Iwata, walking future users of the Wii U through the console's online functions — this time in English.

Nintendo's Bill Trinen focuses on a variety of subjects in the 14-minute video, including the creation of a Nintendo Network ID, a requirement for using the Nintendo eShop, Miiverse, Wii U Chat and Nintendo TVii. Trinen also touches on many of the subjects in the Japanese language Nintendo Direct released last week, including Wii to Wii U data transfer and user account details per console.

Trinen also offers narration for various Miiverse functions as seen in gameplay video of New Super Mario Bros. U and WaraWara Plaza. Use of the Wii U's web browser during gameplay and TV-to-GamePad video swapping is also highlighted.

Nintendo promises more information to come about Wii U which launches within the week in North America on Nov. 18.