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Polygon's fall of gaming 2012

The games to watch this fall.

It's fall, and the deluge of games has started. The period from September through December has represented the biggest time of year for games for decades, and 2012 is no different. There are over 65 major releases in October alone. November sees the first new console launch in six years, the longest gap we’ve seen since, well, the NES. There are entirely new games like Dishonored. There are high profile sequels like Black Ops 2 and Halo 4. And there are series rebirths in the form of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Hitman: Absolution. And all of them want your money. They want all of your money.

We don’t know how good all of this fall’s biggest games are, but we have some ideas about what the cream of the crop will be. So Polygon has huddled together and come up with a list of our picks for the biggest and best releases this fall, the games we expect will be worth your time and your limited budget. These selections are in order of release date, so you’ll be able to figure out exactly when all your free time will vanish into thin air. With that out of the way, let’s begin.




World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

September 25

Mists of Pandaria, the upcoming expansion to Blizzard's long running MMO, World of Warcraft, introduces a world filled with anthropomorphized pandas.

Pandaria's beta began in March, and the developer has been unveiling content since. In July, Blizzard detailed the Collector's Edition of the game, as well as its pet mount. In August, the team detailed the expansion's raids, which will be released in stages.

A world filled with anthropomorphized pandas

Polygon recently spoke with the game's senior producer, John Lagrave, about how Mists of Pandaria replaced the team's original expansion plan because Pandaria resonated with the team more.

Blizzard will have worldwide launch events to celebrate the release of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria on September 25th on PC and Mac. You can check out the expansion's opening cinematic below, which premiered at GamesCom 2012.



September 25

FIFA 13 is this year's installment of Electronic Arts' soccer franchise. With every annual iteration, the series attempts to more accurately simulate soccer as it's played in the real world.

This year's major addition, First Touch Control, uses an in-game engine to realistically simulate how players receive and interact with passes. Polygon spoke with the game's developers about how the team implemented the new feature, and the challenges and complications of having so many different interactive systems in play.

During E3 2012, EA announced Kinect support. At GamesCom 2012, EA Canada announced that FIFA 13 will include PlayStation Move support on PlayStation 3, and include a feature called Match Day, which integrates information about real-world soccer matches directly into the game. Players' real life performance will now affect how their computerized counterparts play. At EA's Summer Showcase, the company explained how the game would work on the touch-based Wii U and iOS platforms.

FIFA 13 is due out for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U, PC, Mac, Vita, 3DS, PSP, PS2, and iOS. Check out the video above to see Touch Control in action, presented by the developers.


Pokemon Black 2 / White 2

October 7

Set two years after the events of their predecessors, Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 are the first direct sequels in the series' history. Set in Unova, the same world as its predecessors, the new games will include new main characters, locations like Virbank (which is modeled after Hollywood), and a series-high 300 monsters to catch.

Leading up to the game's release, a 3DS application called Pokemon Dream Radar will leverage the handheld's motion controls and AR features to let players capture monsters and import them into the games.

Nintendo has also revealed a number of promotions tied to the game's release. From October 7th through November 12th, players can score legendary Pokemon Genesect for free. And a downloadable mystery Pokemon is available at GameStop from August 27th through October 6th.

Polygon recently spoke to Junichi Masuda, producer of Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2, about the game, and he revealed why the company chose to release on the DS, rather than the 3DS, and what audience the company hopes to attract.

Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 are set for release on October 7th on Nintendo DS. You can check out the game's teaser trailer below.



Fable: The Journey

October 9

Fable: The Journey, the Kinect-enabled title from developer Lionhead Studios, aims to bring immersive gameplay to Microsoft's peripheral.

the developers likened the gameplay to an "interactive movie"

Influenced by the studio's Milo & Kate Kinect demo revealed at E3 2009 by former Lionhead studio boss Peter Molyneux, Fable: The Journey is the studio's attempt to infuse the the Fable universe with physical gestures. In a recent hands-on demo with Polygon, the developers likened the gameplay, which was built from the ground up for Kinect controls, to an "interactive movie."

Earlier this year, Polygon spoke with the developers about how they created a Kinect title with two goals: that it wouldn't be a party game, and that it wouldn't make players pine for a controller.

You can check out the trailer below to learn more of the spinoff's story, which takes place in Albion 50 years after Fable 3.


XCOM: Enemy Unknown

October 9

XCOM: Enemy Unknown, developer Firaxis Games' upcoming reboot of the 90s-era tactical shooter UFO: Enemy Unknown, pits elite soldiers against an invading alien horde.

We were dubious about the prospect of a console-bound tactical strategy when we saw the game at E3, but we were impressed at how Firaxis streamlined the game and its controls to be console- and controller-friendly. Standout features include the snap-to grid system (which makes selecting a location easy with the relative clumsiness of a controller), and pathing, which game handles automatically.

At PAX East 2012, Polygon spoke with the game's developers about the reboot, the genre, and how the makers of Civilization series of strategy games came to make a tactical shooter.

Firaxis previewed the game's multiplayer in August, which we wrote about here, and spoke to Polygon about the differences between the PC and console versions here.

Pre-orders ship with the Elite Soldier Pack, which includes special armor for the game that ships October 9th on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. It will be released on Steam October 11th.

You can check out a gameplay walkthrough from the developer of XCOM: Enemy Unknown below.


October 9

Dishonored, the upcoming stealth/steampunk/first-person shooter hybrid from developer Arkane Studios, is headed to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on October 12th.

In the steady stream of information released about the game this year, Arkane has touted a combination of customization and exploration. For example, the game's user interface can be seasoned to taste or removed entirely, while each confrontation has been designed to be approached in myriad ways, as an interactive video released in July demonstrates.

Arkane has touted a combination of customization and exploration

Polygon spoke to the developers during QuakeCon about how the development team built a world so big that no one person had explored it all.

You can check out gameplay footage, set in Dunwall, a fictional city inspired by 17th-century London, in the trailer below.



Skylanders Giants

October 21

Skylanders Giants is the follow-up to what was, at least early in the year, 2012's bestselling game worldwide, Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. The series of games combines light role-playing elements, puzzle solving, and fighting with action figures, and publisher Activision was pleased to announce in early May that sales of Skylanders action figures had exceeded even those of Star Wars characters.

The Skylanders idea is pretty simple: Skylanders are frozen on the outside (that explains their action figure form) but alive on the inside (which explains their ability to move within the game) when the action figures are paired with the Portal of Power, a device compatible with just about every gaming system imaginable.

New to Giants are the titular tall ones, an ancient breed of Skylander, who team up with the regular-sized Skylanders to defeat the baddies. Of course, there will be new characters with the new game, but existing action figures will work with Giants, too.

New players can purchase a $74.99 bundle including a Portal of Power, and three Series 2 Skylanders figures.

Skylanders: Giants is set for an October 21st release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Wii, 3DS, PC, iOS, and Android. Giants will come to Wii U during its launch window with better graphics than its console cousins and controls designed for the GamePad. Check out the trailer below to see the Skylanders and their gigantic counterparts in action.



Forza Horizon

October 23

The Forza series began as Microsoft's answer to Sony's PlayStation-exclusive Gran Turismo racing simulators. This October 23rd will see the release of Forza Horizon, an open world racing sim from developer Playground Games.

Unlike previous installments, Horizon is designed to feel American

As with previous Forza titles, Horizon will include gobs of cars and tracks, but this fall's offering prefers casual driving to the hardcore play that the Forza series is known for.

In a recent demo of Horizon, the game's developers told Polygon that, unlike previous installments in the franchise that tended to have a more British feel, the game is designed to feel American. It's even set in a fictional version of Colorado.

You can check out the developer diary below to learn how the series wants to continue to celebrate cars.


Medal of Honor: Warfighter

October 23

Medal of Honor: Warfighter, the sequel to 2010's franchise reboot Medal of Honor, is a military shooter that aims for realism. It's the first-person shooter equivalent of a hardcore racing simulator. Publisher Electronic Arts and developer Danger Close are striving for a mixture of equal parts authenticity and respect for the military that the game hopes to recreate.

To that end, developers have worked with military personnel not simply to ensure authenticity but show respect for the military. EA will produce a special Military Edition available only to active, reserve, and former military personnel. The publisher has also established Project HONOR, a partnership with military suppliers whose weapons appear in the game, and has partnered with the Navy SEALs and Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Suppliers will donate 100 percent of the proceeds from Warfighter merchandise to the groups.

When we saw the multiplayer at E3, we called it "morally confusing," which may be what the developers had in mind when pitting authentic recreations of Special Forces operatives against each other in deadly combat.

EA and Danger Close also hope to foster a spirit of brotherhood, as the military does. Gameplay will be focused on tight-knit units, and players will pair up with teammates both in the single-player and multiplayer components. Though the campaign will be played from multiple perspectives, it focuses on Preacher, a Navy SEAL who returns from Medal of Honor.


As a final tie-in, EA announced in September that a limited edition bundle will ship with the Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack, a reference to the upcoming film from writer-producer Mark Boal and director Kathryn Bigelow, of The Hurt Locker fame.

Polygon played a section of the single-player campaign during PAX Prime, and saw that Danger Close has provided an experience unique in the military shooter genre. Players can judge for themselves when Medal of Honor: Warfighter is released on October 23rd for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. You can check out our interview from PAX Prime below.


Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

October 28

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask is the fifth installment in the series, and the titular professor's first puzzle-solving adventure on Nintendo's 3DS console.

Both the professor and his constant companion, Luke, will return to solve 150 puzzles and a mystery. Miracle Mask will also include a puzzle a day for a year after launch.


The story centers on an old friend of Layton's, who writes asking for assistance to solve a mystery in the town of Montedole. A man wearing the Miracle Mask alluded to in the game's title is wreaking havoc on the town, and it's up to the duo to solve the mystery and save Montedole and its inhabitants.

The game launched in Japan in February 2011, and will be making its North American debut on October 28th. You can check out a trailer below, which focuses on the story.


LEGO The Lord of the Rings

October 30

LEGO The Lord of the Rings is the upcoming blocky retelling of all three Lord of the Rings books from developer Traveller's Tales.

The blocky characters will be voiced via dialogue from Peter Jackson's movie trilogy

Like LEGO games before, LEGO The Lord of the Rings will have a family-friendly tone, and its gameplay will include the cooperative, block-smashing flair that LEGO games are known for. It will also include a first for the LEGO series: The blocky characters will be voiced via dialogue from Peter Jackson's trilogy. The game is not limited to Jackson's interpretation, though. In a nod to author J.R.R. Tolkien's vast universe, LEGO The Lord of the Rings will offer 85 playable characters, many of whom have never appeared on film, but all of whom come from Tolkien's source material.

At a press event earlier this year, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive showed off the combination of these attributes in a sequence set in the Mines of Moria.

Players will be able to enter Middle-earth October 30th on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. You can check out a gallery of Middle-earth screen as seen by LEGO below.




Assassin’s Creed 3

October 30

The third numbered installment in Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed series aims to redefine what an Assassin's Creed game is. Set during the American Revolution, gone are the vast cities and building-based parkour that has defined the previous installments. In their stead, Assassin's Creed 3 is set to unveil vast open fields and free running through trees.

gone are the vast cities and building-based parkour

But Assassin's Creed 3's innovations don't stop on land. In a nod to historical accuracy, the game will feature ship-based naval combat, which Ubisoft has been unveiling in videos over the last few months. Like its predecessors, Assassin's Creed 3 will also feature multiplayer, which Ubisoft described as "a game on its own."

This installment stars Connor, a half-Native American, half British assassin whose actions promise to turn the tide of the war. Two of the game's developers spoke at PAX Prime this year about Connor, rethinking combat, and the challenges of retooling a game engine built for cities to handle vast, open landscapes.

Assassin's Creed 3 is set for release October 30th on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, on Wii U on November 18th, and on PC November 23rd. You can watch the latest trailer for the game, which personalizes the Revolution, below.


Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation

October 30

Set to launch on the PlayStation Vita the same day as its console cousin, Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation is the handheld answer to the series' rebirth in Revolutionary America.

Polygon saw the game at E3, where we called it "unquestionably one of the most promising Vita titles we saw on the show floor this year." Liberation stars the series' first female protagonist, Aveline de Grandpré, and is set during the French and Indian War. Though Ubisoft will dole out more bite-sized missions on the handheld than in the console game, the title appears to retain the gameplay you'd expect from an Assassin's Creed game.

You can check out the portable hero showing her parkour prowess in Revolutionary New Orleans in the trailer below.


Need for Speed: Most Wanted

October 30

Need for Speed: Most Wanted, the upcoming reckless driving simulator from developer Criterion Games, is a return to the series' roots, Polygon learned when we saw the game just before E3 2012.

In the open-world driving game, players race and explore a game world closer to Burnout Paradise than the Need for Speed name might imply. But that is developer Criterion's pedigree, and the trailers and demos we've seen this year show its Burnout-inspired influences.

Most Wanted fills its racetracks with friends, challenges, and "as many rewards as there are streets," as we learned at E3. Polygon spoke with the game's developers earlier this year to get the inside story of how the developers of Burnout inherited the Need for Speed mantle. During a recent hands-on with the game, we learned that the game is structured to deliver short burst, fun experiences.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is revving up for an October 30th release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. A PlayStation Vita version, which impressed us in a recent demo, will be released around the same time. You can get a taste of the multiplayer in the video below.




Halo 4

November 6

After Bungie, the studio that created the Halo series and developed the franchise and its sequels for nearly a decade, moved on to Destiny, the future of the franchise fell to 343 Industries, a studio created by Microsoft to carry Bungie's proverbial torch.


The future of the franchise

Polygon played Halo 4 at E3 this year, when we got our hands on the game's multiplayer and Spartan Ops. The former felt pitch perfect, and included new tweaks to Bungie's old formula. New to the series, Spartan Ops is a free, downloadable campaign designed to be played in co-op mode.

Since E3, Microsoft and 343i have unveiled a torrent of Halo 4 news and announcements, including a limited edition Xbox console bundle, specializations and armors in multiplayer, the "Forward Unto Dawn" live action web series, and a slew of videos exploring how 343i created the game.

We'll see the fruit of 343i's effort when Halo 4 releases on November 6th exclusively on Xbox 360. Check out the video below to get a sense of how 343i is building upon the existing Halo legacy.


Paper Mario: Sticker Star

November 11

Paper Mario: Sticker Star, an upcoming 2D/3D hybrid role-playing game from developer Intelligent Systems, is the first installment of the franchise on Nintendo's 3DS handheld console.

As we learned when we went hands-on at PAX Prime 2012, traversal throughout the game world involves "paperizing" — collecting 3D objects, making them 2D, and then using them to solve puzzles. Combat in Sticker Star remains similar to the franchise's roots, with a mixture of turn-based battles and timed attacks.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star is set for a November 11th release on Nintendo 3DS. You can check out a portable paper Mario in the trailer from E3 2012 below.



Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

November 13

This year's installment of publisher Activison's popular first-person shooter, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, is developer Treyarch's attempt to add some evolution to the franchise.

Revealed on May 1st, Black Ops 2 is the sequel to 2010's Call of Duty: Black Ops, which was set during the Cold War. Black Ops 2 takes the Cold War into the end of the 20th and into the 21st century. The studio worked with military veterans to craft their gritty version of the future.

Black Ops 2 takes the war into the 21st century

At GamesCom this year, Polygon spoke with Treyarch about its attempts to put its mark on the franchise with the campaign's branching paths and updates to the series' popular multiplayer modes.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is loaded for a November 13th release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. It will also be released on the Wii U during the console's launch window. You can check out the game's wingsuits and jet packs in the trailer below.


Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified


Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified is the handheld component to Black Ops 2 headed to PlayStation Vita from developer Nihilistic Software.

The spinoff explores "original fiction" in the Black Ops universe, and includes 4v4 multiplayer over Wi-Fi. The multiplayer will not include the console version's new features, preferring instead to focus on the perks, weapons and gameplay style of the original, representatives from publisher Activision told Polygon.

You can check out the game's first gameplay trailer below.



New Super Mario Bros. U

November 18

New Super Mario Bros. U, the venerable Italian plumber's first game on Nintendo's next-gen hardware, blends classic side-scrolling action and multiplayer traversal.

Confirmed at E3 2012, New Super Mario Bros. U brings the basic gameplay of New Super Mario Bros. Wii to the Wii U. It twists the multiplayer formula with the tablet-like GamePad controller. Five players can play in multiplayer, with one tasked to create platforms to help out their on-screen counterparts with the GamePad. Nintendo calls that Boost Play, which we saw at E3 2012. The game also introduces two new modes — Challenge and Rush — which have players compete against obstacles and in time trials.

Optional, sweet pullquote. Use it or remove it, the choice is yours. New-super-mario-bros-wii-u-2_376x205

Takashi Tezuka, a Nintendo employee since 1984, is producing New Super Mario Bros. U. At E3 2012, Polygon spoke with Tezuka about the decisions that went into creating the game for a new system, how he and Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto work together to keep the company's franchises fresh, and what they do when they disagree.

New Super Mario Bros. U is set to launch day and date with Nintendo's new console on November 18th. You can check out a trailer showcasing Mario and friends on the Wii U, which was released to coincide with Nintendo’s recent Wii U event below.



Nintendo Land

November 18

Nintendo Land, an upcoming party game from Nintendo, is the Wii U's analog to Wii Sports: a collection of easy-to-play, easy-to-understand minigames designed to introduce players to the new console's capabilities.

We first played Nintendo Land at E3 2012, where it seemed plausible that the title would convince gamers of all types to buy the new system without feeling like it was a series of tutorials for the tablet-like GamePad controller. Using a theme park motif, Nintendo Land offers 12 minigames. By leveraging esteemed properties like Metroid, Donkey Kong, Pikmin, Animal Crossing, and Zelda, Nintendo Land attempts to bridge the gap between the company's past and future.

a collection of easy-to-play, easy-to-understand minigames

At Nintendo's recent Wii U event, Polygon went hands-on with "Pikmin Adventure," "Balloon Trip Breeze," "Metroid Blast," and "Mario Chase."

Nintendo Land will ship alongside the Wii U on November 18th, and come bundled with the $349.99 Deluxe console bundle. You can check out our report after our recent adventures with Nintendo Land in the video below.


Scribblenauts Unlimited

November 18

Scribblenauts Unlimited, the latest installment of developer 5th Cell's wordsmithing puzzle game, is headed to multiple systems this fall.

Perhaps the biggest addition the franchise in Unlimited is its Object Editor, which allows granular control over players' creations. For example, after typing to create a winged character, players can select the wings to modify their size, color, and appearance, and even create if-then statements to control their behavior. Unlimited will also allow players to share their creations online.


Polygon spoke with 5th Cell at a pre-PAX Prime 2012 demo of the upcoming game, where the company also showcased a Windows PC version. The PC port will leverage the Steam Workshop to allow players to share their creations. The addition of mouse and keyboard support on the PC made creating objects "blazingly efficient" when compared to the Wii U and 3DS versions.

We also went hands-on with the Wii U version of Unlimited in June, which felt perfectly suited to the console's GamePad controller.

Scribblenauts Unlimited will be available on November 18th for the Wii U launch, and its 3DS and PC versions are expected to ship this holiday season as well. You can check out the video below to see the latest iteration of the franchise's word-based object editor.



November 18

From the first moments at E3 2012 when we first played ZombiU, Ubisoft's dual screen first-person shooter, we knew that its developers understood the potential of Nintendo's new console. Its ability to take "full advantage of the Wii U GamePad without falling into the trap of novel, but cumbersome controls" garnered it an E3 Editor's Choice Award.

Set in London, ZombiU puts players in the role of a series of zombie apocalypse survivors. We say "a series" because death is permanent in ZombiU. If the hordes overwhelm you, you begin the next playthrough as a new character. Players use the GamePad to control the character, fight, and to scan the room alternate-reality style.

death is permanent in 'ZombiU'

Its rationing of gameplay on the TV and inventory management and mini-games on the GamePad creates unique scenarios unlike those offered in other first-person shooters, let alone on other consoles. When we played a demo focusing on its asynchronous multiplayer at a media event in late July, we saw "the smartest use of the console's capabilities Polygon has seen yet." At GamesCom 2012, the developers told Polygon that the multiplayer will allow players to read and leave warnings for other players as they navigate the apocalypse.

In the deluge of media revealed since E3 — including 10 minutes of over-the-shoulder gameplay footageZombiU has consistently proven both compelling and innovative.

ZombiU is set for launch alongside the Wii U on November 18th. Check out the trailer below from Nintendo's recent Wii U event to see how the game uses both screens to its advantage.



Hitman: Absolution

November 20

Hitman: Absolution, an upcoming stealth action game from developer IO Interactive staring series stalwart Agent 47, is the first entry in the series since 2006's Hitman: Blood Money.


Absolution ran into controversy earlier this year with a trailer that featured 47 up against a deadly group of female adversaries called The Saints. Some saw misogyny in the trailer, prompting the developers to make changes to the level featuring the gun-toting nuns.

We were impressed when we saw the game's graphical prowess at E3 2012, where IO showed off a street scene filled with people for Agent 47 to interact with.

At GamesCom 2012, IO revealed a new mode called Contracts, which allows players to mark every character in the game as a target, and create scenarios for other players to complete. When we spoke with the developers at GamesCom, they told us that they hoped the mode would enliven the game world with what amounts to a tapestry of fan fiction.

We went hands-on with Contracts at PAX Prime 2012, and spoke to the game's director, Tore Blystad, about the mode and the many ways to use it in the game's sandbox.

Hitman: Absolution is locked and loaded for release on November 20th for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. You can check out the trailer below to get a sense of the weapons, part of the game's non-stealthy action, at Agent 47's disposal.



PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale

November 20

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, a four-player arena fighting game from developer SuperBot Entertainment, is a showcase for almost every important character in PlayStation's gravitational pull.

Comparisons to Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. are inevitable, and when Polygon spoke with representatives from SuperBot earlier this year, they seemed to understand how to make it stand apart. Building a credible fighting game with some of Sony's most iconic characters is, in fact, what Sony Santa Monica groomed the unknown studio to do.

In early July, Sony announced that former Capcom fighting advisor Seth Killian had joined Sony Santa Monica, and one of his first projects would be helping SuperBot with PlayStation All-Stars, lending the project a bit of hardcore fighting game credibility.

Sony's most iconic characters

While PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale will come to the PlayStation 3 courtesy of SuperBot, its PlayStation Vita version is being developed by Bluepoint Games. Battle Royale will support cross-play functionality, which allows players to go head-to-head using both systems simultaneously. At GamesCom 2012, Sony also announced that the game would support its Cross Buy initiative, which will allow players who purchase the game on PS3 to get it on Vita for free.

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale is set for a November 20th release on PlayStation 3 and Vita. You can check out the fighting action in the trailer from E3 below.



Far Cry 3

December 4

When Polygon spoke with Far Cry 3's developers earlier this year, we learned that the upcoming open world/first-person shooter hybrid from Ubisoft deals with mature themes, and not simply with violence. This is a deliberate effort to push the boundaries of narrative in the series' third iteration, past "little boy fantasies" and into a more introspective narrative.

Far Cry 2 replaced the original title's island jungle environment with a South African savannah, and Far Cry 3 returns to the series' roots as it swaps South Africa for what newcomers could be forgiven for thinking is an island paradise. As the tide of information about the game released over the last several months has proven, the island is anything but.


Beyond the single-player campaign, the game's multiplayer offerings will include character classes and weapon unlocks. Earlier this year, Polygon went hands-on with Far Cry 3's Left 4 Dead-inspired co-op campaign.

Far Cry 3, which Polygon also played at GamesCom this year, is set for a December 4th release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. You can check out some island insanity in the trailer below.



December 12

Polygon first played Hawken, the upcoming mech-based shooter from developer Adhesive Games, at an after-hours event during E3 this year, where we experienced "perfectly-balanced mech warfare." The year before, Adhesive announced Hawken with a video. At E3, Adhesive delivered on the video's promise.


Since June, the Hawken universe has experienced a steady stream of growth. In July, Warner Premiere, of Mortal Kombat: Legacy fame, announced a live action web series. In August, Polygon spoke to the developers about building the game, and expanding the universe into all kinds of media, including a feature film.

Hawken and its mechs will be ready for battle on December 12th. In the meantime, you can check out some mechanized warfare in the video below.



Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!

November 13

Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!, an upcoming game from developer WayForward, is a genre-defying platformer/role-playing/adventure hybrid.

Based on the animated series Adventure Time, which airs on Cartoon Network, the game stars the show's main character, Fin, and Jake, his shape-shifting dog. Pendleton Ward, the cartoon's creator, cites video games as a major influence on the series, and he's been involved in the game's production. In a recent interview with Polygon, Ward described his lifelong love of gaming and how the Adventure Time game he imagined became the Zelda 2-inspired game soon to be released.

The game is set for a November 13th release on Nintendo DS and 3DS. You can check out a trailer showing the hybrid action below.



Rayman Legends

Holiday 2012

Rayman Legends, a side-scrolling platformer from Ubisoft, is the sequel to 2011's Rayman Origins, built specifically for Nintendo's Wii U.

Legends was first revealed in a trailer that leaked early this year, showcasing some of the features that would be on display when it was officially revealed. Much like New Super Mario Bros. U, Legends will feature five-player co-op, with one player assisting by collecting items and creating platforms by interacting with the touch screen on the Wii U GamePad. In a recent video, the game's director described the dual-screen gameplay as "doing things together at the same time, but with completely different responsibilities."

Legends will feature five-player co-op

When we played the game at E3 2012, we did so as Rayman's sidekick, Murphy, which gave us the opportunity to interact with the game's touch controls as a Ubisoft representative played the game as a standard platformer. Like its predecessor, Origins, we found Legends beautifully presented, and the unique gameplay left us wanting more.

Rayman Legends is set for a holiday release exclusively on Wii U. You can see the game and its various responsibilities in the Nintendo-produced interview below.

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