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Cave Story creator's Guxt coming to Nintendo 3DS

Shoot 'em in three dimensions

Guxt, a vertical shoot em' up developed by Cave Story designer Daisuke Amaya, is being ported to Nintendo 3DS by Nicalis, the developer and publisher that is bringing the game to the new platform, the company revealed on its Twitter account.

The 3DS port will feature an optional vertical orientation, allowing players to turn the handheld device on its side to maintain the game's original aspect ratio.

This follows Nicalis' 2010 release of Cave Story on WiiWare and DSiWare, following the game's initial launch by developer Amaya on PC.

Guxt was first released as freeware in 2007. The minimalist, retro-styled shooter features five stages, alongside unloackable score boosts, weapons, and an award for players who end an entire game without dying.