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FigurePrints turns Minecraft worlds into real-life miniatures

FigurePrints, a company which specializes in making in-game avatars (such as World of Warcraft characters) into real-life miniatures, is now offering their services for your Minecraft creations.

According to the company's website, FigurePrints can use its 3D modeling and printing technology to "recreate your favorite Minecraft world as a fully detailed 3D replica rivaling the beauty of any miniature ever made." All players have to do is download a piece of software that lets them export their custom-made in-game environment, select a portion they want to manifest, and submit their creation to FigurePrints.

Pricing varies based on how large an area FigurePrints has to recreate, so thrifty shoppers may want to keep their square footage to a minimum. Check out the details, and download the world exporting tool on FigurePrints' official site.

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