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Borderlands 2 PC patch drops today, squashes bugs and corrects broken missions

A large patch for the Steam version of Borderlands 2 was released today, patching a number of bugs and broken missions.

Squashed bugs include the "inverted reverse steering" option failing to work in multiplayer, challenges dislaying inaccurate completion amounts for certain area-specific missions and the Arid Nexus Badlands alerting players to an undiscovered challenge that is inaccessible.

Players whose profiles were reset have had their progress restored; to re-obtain progress, players can load up their character, choose to "Continue" their game, then save and quit. This must be done for every character in players' games.

A number of glitches occurring in downloadable content have been rectified as well, including crashing issues after killing a certain boss in the Captain Scarlett DLC mission, disappearing Anarchy stacks in multiplayer for the Mechromancer and a connectivity issue between players who have recently been running DLC the other does not own.

For a first list of patch notes, head over to Steam.