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Unity 4.0 available for download today with DX 11 support and Linux preview

Unity 4.0 is available for download bringing new capabilities to the multi-platform engine and development tool suite, Unity Technologies announced in a press release today.

Announced in June, Unity 4.0 adds support for DirectX 11, the company's new Mecanim animation tools, Flash support, access to the Linux development preview and more. Unity Technologies also has further updates planned.

"Unity 4 will see the addition of an incredible number of new, highly advanced, features and continuous improvement across the tech to be released in smaller, faster increments than Unity has seen in the past," said David Helgason, Unity Technologies' CEO. "It’s an exciting time for Unity and the 4.0 release marks the beginning of a great new era for our technology."

Unity allows developers to create games in a central piece of software and export it to multiple platforms. Games developed in Unity include Bad Piggies for mobile platforms and Derrick the Deathfin on PlayStation 3. You can check out a list of other games at the Unity website, where you can also download a free, limited version of the software.

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